24 November, 2014

Eliminate classroom hunger with Akshaya patra foundation

Raghav never misses his school. He is from a poor family, father is working in a factory and mother is a house wife. Going to school without breakfast is very common for him as his family can afford only lunch and simple dinner with meagre income that they earn. That day, he is very tired. He is feeling weak to stand in the hot Sun for morning prayer in the school.
He wishes that someone in his school celebrates his/ her birthday daily as he gets a chocolate which will eliminate his hunger and allow him to concentrate on classes.


Satheesh was a child labourer before an NGO found him and joined him to a primary school. He has big dreams of becoming an employee of a good company and earn his living after his studies.  His only aim is to earn something to eat for his family daily. He sells flowers in the evening in beach after school. The mid day meals provided by government in schools is the only option for him to satisfy his hunger.


We see many lads and girls like Raghav and Satheesh in our daily lives who go to school and study in spite of hunger and many other challenges. Earning a plate of food is not easy for them.

Hunger in children can make them go towards good or bad options. They can either go to school, have good education and lead happy lives in future or can become a pawn of some street rowdies or do any illegal things to satisfy their hunger. Children are like uncut diamonds. They can be moulded as great human beings by providing them with good education. 

Blog adda is sponsoring meals for an Akshaya patra beneficiary for entire year for a blog post that spreads awareness on eliminating class room hunger. I am happy to participate in 'Blog to feed a child' initiative. :)

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