06 January, 2016

Welcome 2016 - Goals for the new year

We entered the second week of New year 2016 as jan 1st came on a Friday and I feel, time is flying very fast. Actually, I want it to run faster than this :-)

This new year started with a family function and I am glad to start the year on a positive friendly note with close relatives. I am pretty busy from 25th December due to personal commitments and got free time only now. 

So, before it becomes too late, let me wish all my dear friends a lovely and happy new year 2016 :-) I hope, this new year brings you all - lots of happiness, success in all your endeavours and good health.

I am not a person who usually set fixed goals for the complete year and change my goals as the time passes. Below are some common goals that I want to achieve irrespective of  my new responsibilities and busy schedules in this new year. 

  • Being positive in difficult times is not easy. I want to try this and want to stay calm during tough times.

  • I love blogging and always feel guilty, that I am not spending enough time on it. So, I set a goal to publish at least one post per week in 2016.

  • Book reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I target to read and review at least 3 books per month.

  • Creative arts like dance and music are a boon to my life. I want to spend some time on these arts this new year and rewind my old memories.

  • Doing regular exercise and waking up early are some of my goals which I fail to achieve every year. Let me try this time :p

Are you also setting any goals for this new year? I would be happy to know.

Until next time,

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