31 March, 2016

My Gratitude List - March 2016

I am back again after around 10 days gap to real blogging :-) Here is the foremost reason to show gratitude, what say?

1. A big shift
An important life decision and moving to a new place in another country. This decision has been pending from around 6 months and God has given courage to take a right step. I hope, everything goes well. So, it's time to thank God for this major change. 

2. A not so intimidating 25 hrs travel with kids
I have been planning, thinking, re-planning for this travel from 2 weeks so that everything goes right. Checking about the baby food that I can carry on long flights, taking care of baggage which should be light but include all basic necessities for kids, various options to get help in transits, jet lag, setting up new home with basic amenities etc., The list is long. I am very grateful that this transit happened with less discomforts.
3. Weather change
I am grateful to the nice weather that welcomed us in the new place. It drizzled for the first few days and we enjoyed it. I know, weather will not be this friendly in future, but at least it didn't show its' dark side on the first week itself :-)

4. My new phone Samsung Galaxy S6
Ok, it's not secret anymore. I love a phone with good camera and more battery life. Very basic needs, right? Got my new phone 2 weeks back, I was busy and couldnt check all the features yet. But, I loved the camera. See this pic taken from flight :-)


5. More family time
I have experienced the joyous moments in my life this month. Though feeding my 1 year old is a very difficult task, I enjoyed everything else :p

So, that's a quick list for this month. Linking this to #GratitudeCircle hosted by Vidya Sury.  
Showing gratitude brings more happiness to our lives. Join the circle and spread positivity :-)

Until next time,

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  1. Hey there Ramya. I was wondering about your absence from the group. I have not been regular in reading posts in the past 2-3 months but I did notice your bring away. Now I know. It is difficult to move long distances with babies. A 25 hour flight is indeed a long one. Am glad everything went off fine and you were greeted by good weather. Which country have you shifted base to?

  2. Moving is tough and with a one year old in tow it must be crazy. And yet you found reasons to be grateful. Way to go Ramya. I cannot imagine what it would be like sitting with my kids, and they're almost 10, thorough a 25 hour flight. I do hope you settle down soon and that the new place treats you well.

  3. Congrats Ramya. Happy to know that your shift was very smooth with less discomforts. Stay happy and stay blessed !!!


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