15 January, 2018

Sankranthi celebrations, A dull snowy day and a lot of books #MondayMusings

I hope you have celebrated the festival Sankranthi with family. Indian festivals are the happiest times to meet friends, cook and eat great food, spend more time with family and carry on the old traditions.

 I have celebrated Sankranthi well by meeting some Indian friends and by eating and cooking good food. I miss India as I want to put a colorful rangoli with a lot of flowers and colors which I cannot do here as we are staying in a rented home, but I convinced myself by putting a small rangoli with chalk on our wooden floor. 

Traditional rangoli for Sankranthi

Traditional sweet 'Arisalu' for Sankranthi
Bhogipallu (Regupallu)/ Jujube fruits

We did a simple Pooja at home and I prepared Payasam (Indian sweet with milk and semiya) and Pulihora( A rice dish). We celebrated the tradition of putting 'Bhogipallu' for children on Bhogi, the first day of the festival. We usually put jujube fruits (Regu pallu) on kids' head along with pennies and flower petals on Bhogi evening. This is to avoid any ill effects(Buri Nazar) the kids might have. We do this to kids from the first year till they reach 5 years of their age. 

Many people display God's idols and traditional wooden toys as 'Bommala Koluvu' which is very good to see during this Sankranthi. We missed some important Indian food like 'Arisalu' but I don't even dare to attempt cooking them as you know, regular cooking itself is a big headache for me.

Kite flying tradition on Sankranthi

Fortunately, kids got a chance to fly kites.  They enjoyed the beautiful time with other kids.

So, that's how we celebrated the important festival in our Telugu household. 

Today, it is the third day of the festival 'Kanuma' and people having cows, decorate them and perform puja. 

Here, it is a snowy day and I am all huddled up at home watching Netflix, blogging, and reading books. Seems like a lazy day. The weather is very cool but the mountains near my home look great from our window with snow and fog. 

Sorry for this long post, but I want to share my current reading list as well. I have got a lot of variety this month, won't you agree? Looking forward to reading more books in January :-)

No Ordinary Girl by Cheryl Elaine #Crime #thriller
The mask beneath her face by Rafael Chandler #horror
It happens by Karan Sharma #RomanticComedy

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jelly bean by Robert Gillespe #Children'sbook
Into the Water by Paula Hawkins #thriller

How did you celebrate Sankranthi? If you don't celebrate, How was your new year celebrations? I would love to know. Have a Happy January. 

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