27 August, 2018

5 Questions that Vegetarians are tired of Answering #MondayMusings

I am a vegetarian and I like to be a vegetarian. But, I get to hear a lot of questions from friends, relatives etc about being a vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian, please read and let me know if you too face the same questions in your life.

These are the 5 most common questions I get from friends and others who are non-vegetarians.

1. How can you eat only "Ghas-pus"? (In Hindi, it means "weeds spread in the garden/ grass)

For some people, Vegetarianism is all about eating green vegetables and grass.  I cannot change your opinion but if cooked well, vegetarian can taste great and of course, with proper dressing no salad tastes like grass.

2. Don't you ever get tempted to eat meat?

Never, Ever and Never. How can I be, when I hate meat?

Some might ask, can you eat non-veg if it is tastier than Vegetarian.

That doesn't matter anyway. For all Vegetarians, taste might not be the only reason to avoid meat. Vegetarians need not be animal lovers too. There might be other concerns like not interested to eat the flesh of animals or whatever.

For me, taste is never the criteria to avoid or choose non-vegetarian. Any meat is simply NO.

3. Do you think you can save animals by not eating Non veg?

Oh, I will never think that way. I know that one person not eating non-veg doesn't make any difference to the poultry/ meat market. Vegetarianism is a personal choice.

4. You are missing out in life. Aren't you?

No, as far as I think. Again, if I chose to miss out on something in my life, then it is not really missing, right. It is a decision.

5. The plants are being killed too. What say?

You can ignore this one. It's not worth answering. If we don't eat plants and don't breathe oxygen, How do we live? Even if we can, which is better? Eating plants or eating other animals?

Other questions that I get is that I am not getting enough protein. I am very happy that whoever asks this are really concerned about me, but there are some good high protein options in veg too. Check out this article.

By the way, I am an eggetarian. (I eat egg other than vegetables).

So, my fellow vegetarians, what do you think of these questions? My non-vegetarian friends, what is your opinion on my answers?

Until next time,

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