11 March, 2020

From Fostercare to Millionaire by Cody McLain - [Book Review]

Book Details:

Title : From Fostercare to Millionaire
Author : Cody McLain
Genre : AutoBiography, Parenting & Relationships, Memoir
Print Length : 332 pages
Source : A free print copy in exchange for a review


Cody's story offers all the components you'd expect from the success story of a young entrepreneur with Aspergers-motivation, drive, perseverance, focus, and passion. 

You might call it a rags-to-riches tale, and you wouldn't be wrong. But that here-to-there narrative is only the top layer. 

Cody's story unfolds to reveal a narrative that is more complicated and yet simpler, more central, to the human experience. 

What remains is the story of a boy, burdened like all of us with deep wounds and great gifts, searching for a purpose. What remains is a story that will inspire readers to find their true calling and work like hell to achieve their dreams.

My Review:

I am usually not into biographies and memoirs, but I loved this book. This is not preachy but genuine. 

Cody's life is an inspiration to many and this book sure motivates us. Cody's story proves that when there is a will/desire, there will definitely be a way to achieve it. Irrespective of multiple failures, with very little family support, no good friends and no educational support, Cody achieves success in his business through hard work and perseverance.

While we see that these generation kids disappointed by small failures and give up so easily, this book will surely be a motivation for them. 

What I liked?

The narration is genuine, authentic, inspiring and we could really feel what's happening in Cody's life. It is motivational to read about someone who didn't give up even after he fails in the business which he builds from scratch. For any other person, it is a big deal to overcome this and start anew. 

The photos of the people and places in the book helped with understanding the circumstances better. 

What might have been better?

The whole book is good except for the last 2 chapters. The last chapters felt like they were written in a hurry. I would have loved to read more about what happened after selling the company. 

My Rating: 4/5

PS: I have received this book for free in exchange for a review and this is my honest opinion on the book. 

About the Author:

After starting his first company at the age of 15, Cody has gone on to start a string of successful (and unsuccessful) businesses, many of which grossed millions. 

Today, Cody is the founder of SupportNinja, a company which employs hundreds of people worldwide and services some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. He has been featured on Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur and more for his expertise in Entrepreneurism, Productivity, and Outsourcing.
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