15 August, 2020

Gratitude List for July 2020 #GratitudeCircle

 With this COVID and Social distancing, days are just going one after the other without much change in the routine. However, this weekend is relaxing for me as I took off from dance classes and even cooking for a day!

So, Here comes my quick Gratitude list for the month of July.

1. Scenic drive

We couldn't travel much this summer and all our plans are thrashed by COVID :-( 

Fortunately, we could go on a scenic drive for a day trip. One Sunday afternoon bored with staying at home, we quickly searched for scenic drives near us and we started within minutes. 

I feel thankful to call Colorado Springs our home as this is such a beautiful place with a lot of hikes and scenic drives around. 

Rampart Range drive is kind of a hidden gem, not a popular tourist attraction. It's a dirt road with lots of curves, scenic views with no place to take a U-turn. So we had to travel around 1.5 hrs till the route ended near Woodland Park. We got a glimpse of a rainbow as well :-)

Did you watch our Video?

2. Work

Work has been pretty much the same even in July. Some pressure, some challenging work and, more overtime. 

I am grateful for learning and improving my technical skills on job day by day. I am also grateful to God to have a job in such tough times outside.

3. Health

I could maintain my health well in July. I could go to yoga class every week and practice at least weekly thrice at home. I am advancing bit by bit in Yoga and learning breathing exercises and some interesting asanas. 

I am very happy to make my body flexible.

4. Dance Classes

Since we couldn't do the Annual Recital of our Dance school - Kala Deepika Dance Academy this year due to COVID, we planned for a Virtual Annual Recital. 

Rain or Sunshine, we dance :-)

So, I was teaching and correcting my students in online classes in July. I could see a lot of improvement in students over the last year even though face to face classes might have had more impact. 

I am grateful to the technology available to everyone to practice, teach, and learn to dance online. 

One more good news!

I am going to start my Dance school website soon!

Also, if you are interested in watching Kuchipudi Classical Dance videos, here is my channel.

Kala Deepika Dance Academy

5. Varalakshmi Pooja

I am glad that I could do this pooja like I do every year. But, I did a lot of multi-tasking this time, preparing Naivedyams (offerings to God) in the middle of work calls and decorating the idol. 

It was tough really but I am glad I could. This is a yearly tradition for all Telugu women.

That's about my July. Hope you all are having a Happy August.

What are you grateful for this month or in July?

Do let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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