10 August, 2021

The Captain's Daughter by Doreen Berger - [Book Review]

  Book Details:

Title: The Captain's Daughter

Author: Doreen Berger

Genre: Middle-grade fiction, sci-fi

Publisher: Polaris Print LLC

Print length: 254 pages

Source: Review Copy from the author

Blurb :

"A cozy family adventure…" — Kirkus Reviews

For most adolescents, growing up is hard enough when one has both feet planted firmly on the ground. But for mischievous, twelve-year-old sisters Diane and Robin, life is complicated further by the fact that their father, Captain William Marsh, is the commander of the Starship Polaris. Living among the stars provides a never-ending realm of creative possibility for the free-spirited girls’ pranks and adventures.

When aliens bent on profit and revenge kidnap Diane and Robin, only their indomitable spirit, ingenuity, and a common love of trouble allow the pair to escape the alien vessel. Finding their way home seems assured until the sisters realize they have been taken further from home then they could ever have imagined, and that they must evade an enemy who will stop at nothing to get them back into his evil clutches. Blocked by interstellar battles, malevolent creatures, and overwhelming obstacles, the sisters fear they may never find a way to return to their own universe and to the father they love.

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My Review :

I got this review copy from the author. I am not a big fan of middle-grade fiction/sci-fi, but the blurb seemed interesting to me.

This is the story of 2 girls Dianne and Robin, who lose their parents in a space attack are raised by their uncle Marsh. Marsh is a captain for the advanced spaceship - Polaris. The story is about the girls' abduction and rescue. 

The story is wonderful and it focuses majorly on relationships, family values, and love. There are some great scenes about the best parenting behaviors. 

Marsh is good at both disciplining their daughters and also showering them with love. The girls are adventurous, sometimes turn to trouble makers like any other children.

The girls are smart and use their intelligence to escape from commander Blassen, but things don't go as planned and they end up in a parallel Universe. Whom do they find in this parallel Universe and how they return home back is the remaining story.

What's great?

The story, characters, unexpected twists, and the portrayal of family love.

The title of the book is apt and I absolutely loved the cover.

What might have been better?

There is nothing much to say in this section except a few minor things. 

I felt, there is a little bit of confusion when the narrative goes between 2 parallel Universes. It might have been easier for the reader if the book clearly mentions which Universe the chapter is about. 

After the girls are rescued once from Blassen, the next few chapters felt a bit boring.

My Rating:


I recommend this book to children aged 9 to 11 years who love science fiction. 

PS: I have received this free review copy in exchange for a review and this is my honest opinion of the book.

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