21 June, 2023

Sasquatch, Baby! by Bethany Browning - [Book Review]

Book Details:

Title: Sasquatch, Baby! 

Author: Bethany Browning

Genre: Dark thriller, fiction, horror literature

Source: A free review copy from the author

Print length: 162 pages

Publisher: Independently published


After her posh Napa Valley friends cut her off for committing an unspeakable betrayal, Tabitha Eggs retreats to the redwood forests of Del Norte County, California to drink herself to death. But when she stumbles over two decomposing corpses near her new home—among a growing list of other frightening, unexplainable experiences—she believes that walking into a raging wildfire is preferable to whatever waits in the woods. Her plans are foiled when she’s kept alive by a curious Sasquatch (who adores salad dressing and is overjoyed by luxury body wash), and they create a bizarre and everlasting union.

My Review:

This is obviously a fiction but based on a mythical character Big Foot. The story starts with a woman who moves to a remote town from a city after losing her friends and interest in living. 

She encounters something in the forest which changes her life , and her future. The plot is thrilling, and unpredictable. I personally hated the protagonist but that's how real life is. People with their flaws.

I like that the author portrays the emotions from the characters well. The ending seems good and satisfying.

The character of protagonist is dark and feels extreme.

This story is different and well written. The narrative is interesting. The book cover is ok. The title is apt.

I would recommend it to the readers who like dark thrillers and want to read something unique. 

My Rating: 4/5

About the Author:

Bethany Browning is a writer who lives and works in a redwood forest. Her debut horror novella, Sasquatch, Baby!, is available in eBook and paperback. Plus, War of the Wills, a film she co-wrote with George Dondero, is watchable right here on Amazon Prime. For more information and to read her short stories and other published work, visit bethanybrowning.com.

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