17 January, 2012

Too busy to care for the society??

              There are many things in our life, which move us and seek our help, but we still ignore them due to our busy routine schedules. Sometimes, its not because we are busy, its because we don't give much preference to it or just that we don't care. 

              Today, found about a contest 'Too busy to care' by Jaagore in collaboration with blogadda.com. You too can participate in the contest, follow the below link:
Iam too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and BlogAdda.com are helping me do my bit for the society.
Sharing my experiences -

               First thing that comes to my mind is removal of dead animals on roads. Many a times i have seen dead animals on Old bombay road (Knowledge park right from Gachibowli road) on the way to office. Everyone will be busy to go to office, so, no one does anything to move dead animal off the road. Many times, i wanted to call any animal welfare organization to remove them off the road, but i couldn't as i don't have number handy and i don't have time to Google for it. It seems bad and inhuman when vehicles go fast over dead animals and the rotten smell pollutes the air. 

Here are contact numbers for Hyderabad (got from google):
Blue cross for animal welfare: (0)40-244355 / 238071
GHMC (Great hyderabad  municipal corporation) : 9440448158
If we save these numbers and keep them handy, it will be useful.

           Second thing that comes to my mind is wastage of food in marriages. We, Indians celebrate functions/ marriages with at least 10 varieties in lunch/ dinner to show our affluence and prestige in society. When our estimates go wrong, many items are left out and they are thrown to dust bin. I always think,  it will be nice, if we can distribute these left overs to some one who are hungry. There are many non profit organizations set up these days to help hotels/ marriage parties to distribute these left overs to slums and orphanages. They will check that food is not spoiled before picking up.
Here are the contact details of an organization called RHEED - Rural health employment education development which does this in Hyderabad

I believe in this - whatever good we do as an individual will help the society, however small it is. 

Until next time..

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