27 February, 2012

A day @ papyrus port resort, Hyderabad

Entrance of resort

Free birds

      We went for an office outing to this resort named 'Papyrus port' which is located in Thimmapur, near Shamshabad, Hyderabad on Bangalore highway. The theme of the resort being Egypt, it looks cool as seen in photos. This is a very small resort when compared to many other good resorts in Hyderabad like Leonia, Golkonda, Pragathi , Lahari resorts etc., We cannot find much greenery inside unlike other resorts and it is not well maintained. Actually, after reading many reviews about the resort online, i knew it is not worth a visit, but wanted to check what is not good there :p. 
Food was good on that day and swimming pool was also nice where dinner was arranged. Staff doesn't look professional and the tables, table cloth and plates on which food was served were not looking that good either. There is a place constructed for boating which is empty. So, no option of boating too.. There is a room for indoor games  and a conference hall. There are 26 rooms to provide accommodation. I give a rating of 2/5 to this resort. Check the photos below :)
isn't it nice?
near entrance

Pyramid construction

Mummy model

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  1. This is Swagata... Whatever hospitality we got to see that day was only because we were a big group. When I went there on a personal visit, it was worse. We did not get any table to keep our lunch plates on. No breakfast as we were late by half an hour. Dirty lavatories... are just a few which made us decide that we are never going there again. But as it as SI outing, I had to go again only to see more people getting annoyed.

  2. Yes Swagatha.. there are some discounts on fares through snapdeal site.. written a post so that someone will read this review and think before going and wasting money.. I agree that nothing is well maintained there, may be due to budget deficit :p

  3. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Thnx 4 ur review,was abt to plan a visit to ths resort.

  4. Dear Guest

    Greetings from Papyrus Port Resort, Hyderabad

    First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience faced by you during your Event. With great concern, we have noted your feedback and thank you for sharing the same with us.

    I would like to let you know that we have taken serious note of your feedback and initiated corrective action in the areas of dissonance experienced by you.

    Let me assure you that it is our constant endeavor to provide high standards of personalized service and efficiency and would request you to not to hold this particular incident as a reflection of our overall services.

    I look forward to meeting you in person on your next visit. Do let me know of your travel plan as to enable me to make necessary arrangements.

    We look forward to your continued patronage

    Thanks & Regards,

    AGM Sales & Marketing

  5. Shantanu.. would be glad if you can take feedback and improve facilities.


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