03 October, 2012

Corning glass museum - Everything about GLASS

I was on 3-day tour last week and this is the place that I liked most after Niagara Falls.
The Corning glass museum, which is in Corning, New York, USA is not only a museum with a collection of around 45000 glass objects but also an institution for glass making with a research lab. It allows you to explore different galleries of glass art from the ancient period to contemporary. Here are some extraordinary glass art designs:

Glass flower

Contemporary art

Unique piece

There are 45 minute live demos of glass making.
Museum also explains the history of glass making and latest innovations with examples.
Broken glass can also be an art?

A large construction of glass bowls

A live demo of glass making.. 
First attempt from man to prepare glass

Near the entrance, welcoming halloween


Hope you liked the photos :) 

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  1. Remember seeing the glass factory in Agra long long back and it was a fascinating learning experience! I am sure your experience here in this glass museum must be very enlightening and enriching!! Nice pics!

  2. Ya Geetika.. i have some more photos, will update this post when i get time. I just posted the best ones :)

    True Shilpa.. it's excellent learning experience. thanks


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