30 December, 2012

Bye bye 2012, Welcome 2013!

Bye 2012.. You have given us many wonderful moments in life and also some sad moments . Now its time to bid you a good bye and welcome new year :)

Hope is such a great thing in everyone's life! We always hope that coming year will be lot better than 2012 and give us more happiness, success and health. 

Bidding the new year with big green teddy bear :) How is it? By the way, this snap was taken in Vermont, USA in a teddy bear factory.

People.. Are you busy thinking of new year resolutions? I never took any resolution all these years, as i basically believe that we don't need a good time to start any good thing. What do you say? If we want to do some good to others or for ourselves, why wait till Jan 1st? Time is always good for good. 

Welcome new year with bang :) I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2013.

PS: My last post in 2012.

Until next year,

Second image: http://www.hdwallpapersarena.com/

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  1. Innovative green teddy bear at the teddy bear factory! Wishing you a very happy new year too. Don't play too much with snow, you'll get cold :)

    Destination Infinity


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