27 December, 2012

My first Snowfall!

Watching first snow fall was like a life time memorable experience. I don't know how others react, but i was just clapping my hands and curious like a child when i saw snow falling like white flowers. :) It was wonderful.

I was in office on that day, everyone were worried about the snow storm coming by, but i was praying God to see snow fall and the day has come :) It started in the afternoon, snow falling like white flowers over trees and melting slowly. I was a bit disappointed thinking it wont be a heavy snow. But No.. It increased slowly. My heart was not on work at all, i was peeping through glass windows regularly and waiting to leave office soon, while my colleagues were teasing and giving me latest updates on weather.
Initial snow

slowly, green lawn turned white!

Atlast, time has come to start from office. but, storm became severe. While getting into the car, snow was almost falling on our faces that it was difficult to open our eyes. Thanks to our colleague, who drove us safely to hotel in almost negligible visibility :)
In just 2 hours, there was 1 inch snow and see how it looked
Trees leaning down due to snow

Next morning, whole place seemed bright as snow is shining in sun light. All roads were looking as if they were covered with snow carpet.

Roads with snow blanket
Hope you liked the photos :)

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  1. I hope that was a memorable experience...!!

  2. I hope that was a lifetime memorable experience!! Thinking what i would have did if i were you at that time!!

  3. Nice Blog Wow beautiful Images....


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