13 August, 2015

Childhood memories with Television

Childhood memories are sweet. How can we forget silly things done by us when we were immature and did whatever we liked without worrying about how others would think about us?

All other memories kept aside, my memories with television are different altogether.
Those were the days when TV was synonym to Doordarshan channel.

Every Sunday, an award winning regional movie used to come and we used to wait for telugu's turn, it's being our mother tongue. It was more special than going to a theatre as all family members and neighbours used to sit together and watch movie eating snacks in the evening.

I love cartoons and Sunday is special for cartoons. Those days, we didn't have Pogo, Cartoon network etc, which air cartoons whole day. We used to wait for sunday mornings for Talespin, Stone boy, Duck tales etc., Slowly, regional channels like ETv started airing dubbed version of Dennis the menace, Tales spin, Adventures of Tintin etc., We used to watch these in the evenings after coming back from school. I should specially mention 'Stone boy', story was wonderful and mysterious. :-)

How can our generation forget Ramayana and Mahabharata aired on sunday mornings? Each scene and dialogue used to register in our mind and it used to teach us moral values.

Even though we have many channels now, I still miss my favourite cartoons Duck tales and Adventures of Tintin. Animation movie of Tintin has come up few years ago, but it didn't impress me much.

If there is something that this generation is missing, it's lack of physical activity due to too much availability of technology. This generation has soo many options to choose from and so they tend to ignore what is good and confuse on how to utilize time. These days, children have channels playing cartoons whole day, tablets available to play games, DVD players and laptops loaded with multiple animation movies. They need cartoon to eat, drink, sleep, to do homework and what not? These things leave no time for physical play and stress their eyes leading to eye problems at a very young age.

We cannot live in an isolated environment, but parents can give less options to choose from and set time limit for tv and video games. What else can parents do? Any ideas? Please let me know in comments.

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