01 December, 2015

Rain Rain Go away #PrayforChennai

In childhood, I always wanted to watch raining. It's wonderful to play drenching in the rain, of-course the after effects like cold and fever are not soo good to experience.

I have seen/ heard of floods for the first time in my life when I was around 10 years old in my hometown. One river overflown due to heavy rains and water came inside our house. We had to stay at our house owners' house in the top floor for one day. Our cot and some cupboards got drenched in water and woodwork spoiled to some extent. All utensils were floating in the water in the kitchen. We went to the area where the river has overflown and watched the gush of water from far. I still remember water flowing like a slide near the railway station on the tracks.  At that age, I wasn't aware of the problems that floods might give to the people and their properties. I was only happy to see gushing water through roads and houses and was enjoying my school holidays.

But, I feel very bad with the current situation in Chennai. Many rivers overflowing and water coming inside houses, power cuts and traffic problems are very difficult to handle. Business might have stood still giving huge loses. A few companies have provided accommodation to employees who couldn't go back to their houses due to traffic and water blocked on the roads. Since I stayed in Chennai for around 2.5 years in past and  watched the Adayar river many times, I could understand how many areas around it might have been affected. I hope these rains will stop and give some breather to the people there, to cope up with the situations.

Rain Rain, Please go away and Come again some other day.

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