13 December, 2015

Time for retrospection - End of the year 2015

Time flew quick and we are almost to the end of the year 2015.

17 days to go to welcome new year with new hopes and aspirations :-)

My mind is going on retrospect mode now, thinking what went well and what went wrong in the current year. This is the time of the year when I start making a lot of lists too.

Ex: my top 10 blog posts with maximum hits,
Best books I have read in 2015,
 lessons learnt in 2015 (both at professional and personal space) etc.,

By the way, I might not have mentioned earlier,I love making lists. I love to list down my achievements, boast about it, feel proud, inspired and start the new year with more positivity. I don't want to make lists on my failures though I want to learn some lessons on what not to repeat in the next year. I am biased here, I know :p

Sure, there will be another post on the best books I have read in 2015, but let me list down my blog posts with maximum hits in 2015.

Here it goes:

Chrisma - Chris child game again!

This is my top post, not only for this year, but for all time. This is a very simple post without even an image added to it, which was posted in 2008. This was about an initiative by our organization with an NGO to make Christmas more special.

Shanthi & the magic Mandala by FT Camargo - Author Interview

Top post for this year so far. This is the first author interview that i featured in my blog. Shanthi & the Magic Mandala is an adventure in which fantasy and reality are mingled. Interesting, right?

Seeking Redemption by Madhu Vajpayee - Book Review

A book on the current political system in India. Focus is on the education, caste reservation and politics around it. Since Many Indian students, especially medical students can associate to it, it becomes a good read. A middle-class medical student's journey, her love life with problems due to caste reservation forms the crux of the story.

Soul Warrior by Falguni Kothari - Book Review

Most hits come to this post by Google search. I have read a lot of mythology books recently and this is a combination of Contemporary fiction and mythology. Can you imagine Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma managing the current world? You will be wondering to read the terms like smart phone, diapers and sentences like 'Chill babe' uttered by Gods :-) I will leave everything else to your imagination.

My Writing Process
One of the top posts, which is personal too. Enjoyed writing this post and I hope, many people enjoyed reading this too :-) This is about the preparation before writing, how I get ideas, how I write them, what I do after writing a post and before publishing it.

So, this is the initial list about my blog posts. I hope, I will get more time before the year end to retrospect.

What do you do at the end of every year? Do you write any lists? Do you rewind once to check what you achieved? Do let me know. Will be happy to read.

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