18 April, 2016

99 things that I love - A biiig list :-)

What a nice topic for #FridayReflections hosted by Sanch and Corinne!
99 things that I love - A very big list, most probably the biggest list that I have ever made in my life.

Here goes the list, not essentially in the order of my preference.

1. Dance - It used to be part of my life from childhood
2. Books - you knew it already if you are following my blog
3. Travel - Any time, any day, I am always ready to visit a new place!
4. Positivity - It shows up on your face always
5. A smile - Can brighten our lives
6. Family - Always happy being with family members
7. Laziness - I love it :-)
8. Sleep - Absolutely love it
9. Soups and Salads - You might not believe but I enjoy having different soups and salads
10. Facebook - Scrolling through Facebook has become a daily ritual
11. Snow - I love to dance in snow
12. Fall colours - It's wonderful to see fall colours
13. Rainbow - From childhood, I love to see a rainbow
14. Rain - Who doesn't love pitter patter rain?
15. Sudoko - Lost touch recently but I can do sudoko puzzles continuously
 for hours
16. Blogging - A window to express my feelings
17. Reading - Not a pass time, but it transmits me to a different world
18. Painting - Not a serious artist though
19. Singing - Group singing is fine, solo might not suit for my voice :-)
20. Writing - Great form of expression and stress buster
21. Playing with kids - I might forget time playing with them
22. Walking - Used to walk long distances from childhood and I love it
23. Listening to Rehman's music - Just Wow!
24. Old Hindi pop songs - Do you remember Sonu nigam's and euphoria albums?
25. My love for my native language Telugu - My mother tongue, Known as 'Italian of the East'
26. Fruits - Not a foody and fortunately I love fruits. Especially Custard apple 'Seethaphal'
27. Andhra Sweet 'Pootharekulu'
28. Kindle - handy and I can read books anytime
29. smell of rain
30. Smell of new books
31. watching a horrror movie - Love it, if it's with my spouse
32. An unexpected holiday
33. An impromptu travel plan
34. Carroms - Love to play this game with family members
35. Coffee - Not a coffee addict, but gradually I am loving it
36. A brownie with Ice cream - Yummy!
37. Gajar ka halwa - Indian Sweet
38. Gulab jamoon with Icecream
39. Blueberry muffins
40. Donuts - I am fan of Dunkin Donuts
41. Cup cakes - Except chocolate flavour
42. Smoothies - Mango smoothy the best!
43. Colours - Lux green and peach
44.  Being calm when angry
45. Ignoring the jealous people
46. Staying calm and thinking of alternatives when under pressure - this trait helped me a lot
47. Scented candles
48. A hearty chat with my best friend
49. Reading out stories to my kids
50. Listening to Ilayaraja instrumental music
51. Flowers - especially roses and colourful Tulips :-)
52. Historic places - I love learning about history
53. Scenic places - Mountains and cool areas
54. My laptop
55. Smart phone - Don't know how I will manage without it :-) Sooo addicted
56. Content writing / Writing articles
57. Writing a review - be it a product/ book
58. Teaching
59. Learning to do crafts
60. Trying my hand at cooking
61. Kindness
62. Honesty
63. Software testing - how can I forget, it should top my list!
64. Logical thinking
65. Photography - Though I am a beginner, My Samsung galaxy S6 is helping
66. Faith in God
67. Browsing about tourist spots and planning a trip - I love to do this always
68. My credit card
69. My home
70. Hot shower
71. Nature
72. Tea - only with ginger
73. Being grateful and showing gratitude
74. My work
75. Environment around me which is very supportive from childhood
76. Personal space
77. Instagram and its filters
78. Long drives
79. Full moon days
80. Beaches in the evenings
81. Fancy ear rings
82. Shopping with my sis - I don't love shopping that much, but with my sis, it's wonderful :-)
83. Watching old Telugu mythological movies
84. Being a center of attraction
85. Frocks and skirts
86. Shopping Kindle e-books
87. People who inspired me/ inspiring me till date
88. Temple - A peaceful place for introspection
89. Take it easy attitude
90. Science subject
91. Algebra - I love it and find it easy
92. Aerobics
93. Zumba
94. Smile of kids
95. Morning sunrise
96. Beautiful sunsets
97. Watching my old photos
98. Making a flower rangoli - Big ones that they do for Onam, right? Like that.
99. Last, but not least. Supportive husband and parents

Wow! it took around 30 mins to think and write this list. It seems I don't know much about myself :-)
However, a very nice experience.Thanks for the great prompt and excellent link up Sanch and Corinne. Linking this to #MondayMusings too.

Until next time,


PS: Image from Google labeled for commercial reuse.


  1. Great list, Mahathi. After reading on Kindle, I've quite forgotten the smell of new books. However, I satisfy myself with new notebooks! ;)

    Thanks for joining us this week.

    1. Thanks Corinne. I have started kindle refently so still in touch with books 😊

  2. Fantastic Ramya !!! I loved your list. Most of them got matched with my list too .....

  3. Laziness - I love that too. Blobbing out is my Saturday pastime.

  4. I saw a cascade of similar posts this week and I absolutely loved reading all of them. Loved your list too. Brought a smile:)

  5. Good to know Suzy, sometimes being lazy is fine too, right?

  6. Personal space is something I love too. And I'm falling in love with instagram filters. Great list!:)

  7. Coffee, Beaches and long drives would feature on mine too :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. It's my pleasure to join the linkup. Thanks Sanch :-)


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