06 April, 2016

Guy on the sidewalk by Bharath Krishna - [Book Review]

Book Details: 

Title: Guy on the sidewalk
Author: Bharath Krishna
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Cinnamon Teal Publishing
No of pages: 315
Source : A free review copy from the author


Who am I, where do I belong and what am I meant for in this short life in this big world?
For Jay, life was a series of defensive detours until he gathered the strength to listen to his inner voice with honesty and decided to take life head on with fearlessness. Making the move from India to America was momentous. He sought to make something of himself, however, his yearning to live in his country and among his people never ceased to bother him. Over six years, despite the luxury of opportunities in the United States, he wondered, is this all there is? He left home to create a better life, but he could have never imagined that though his better life might be found in America, his best life might just be at home, in India.
My Review:
Guy on the sidewalk is a debut novel by Bharath Krishna. The plot is about the protagonist Jay, who leaves to US for higher studies in management, gets stuck there for a few years struggling to settle and get a stable source of income and returns back to India as his soul craves for his home, family, friends and his country India.

The book cover is appealing and made me start reading this book. It might be a coincidence that I got to read the book when I am travelling to US. This book humorously depicts the differences between India and US, the perspective of NRIs, why most Indians choose to stay permanently in US etc., Many points discussed are valid. I feel, this book is more helpful to students who fly to US with big dreams. Basically, it is kind of a journal of Jay who leaves his stable job in India, joins a college for a specialization in management stream in Texas. As he couldn't get a job while studying, he goes on debts and is forced to move to IT (which was/is a trending market to earn) and enroll in different fake colleges just to keep his immigration status legal. And then his problems continue till he gets a job as a Business Analyst and clears all his debts. Though many of his close friends don't approve his decision to move back to India after settling down in US for a few years, the remaining story is about his calling for India and his reasoning behind this move.

Characterization is simple and good. Especially, Jay, Siri and Venkat remain in our hearts. The strong personality of Siri and her wonderful relationship with Jay easily impresses us. 

Now, about something which I am not really convinced about - Jay's decision on leaving back to India. Taking care of elderly parents, not missing fun with family and friends and being there at a comfortable place are good, but  it would have been great if author has revealed some more info about Jay's future plans. Pace of the novel is fine, but I felt bored at some point and wanted to flip pages in the middle. Since we know initially itself that Jay will return to India, there is no suspense.

Overall it's a good read with strong characterization. I would recommend this light read to students who plan to fly to US for higher studies or anyone who want to work in US.

My Rating: 3/5
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Guy on the Sidewalk - A Novel


About the Author:
Bharath Krishna’s debut novel, Guy on the Sidewalk, is a reflection of his passion for writing woven through his life like the golden thread of a rare tapestry. As a child, his flair for writing was ever present, but it wasn’t until he started blogging on topics close to his heart that his talent was fully realized and appreciated, which ultimately led to his novel.
Bharath’s resume reads like a kaleidoscope of sorts—a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, double master’s degree in management, and years of professional experience in marketing, teaching and IT in India and the United States. To know more about and connect with Bharath Krishna, visit www.BharathKrishna.org.
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Ps: I have received a review copy form the author for an honest review and this is my unbiased opinion.


  1. A very concise and informative review

  2. Who am I, where do I belong and what am I meant for in this short life in this big world? - This is my all time question bubbling in my mind. Sure I will recommend this book to my students. Thanks for sharing this review, Ramya !!!


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