13 September, 2016

San Antonio Missions - A photo tour #MondayMusings

San Antonio is a historical place. It played a significant role when the Republic of Texas is formed and later when it became a state in United states of America.

The historic Payaya Indians used to live here at San Antonio River which they called as 'Yanaguana'. In late 1716, Spanish people from missionaries in Mexico arrived here and thus Spanish settlement started. They started a mission 'Mission De Valero', which is known as 'Alamo' now. They constructed other missions as well and converted the natives to Catholics and taught them to live as Spaniards to keep them under the control of Spain. Later, when Mexico is liberated from Spain rule, the Republic of Texas is formed and The Alamo actually served as a battled field for the liberation of Texas. Thus, San Antonio also got the name as 'The Alamo City'. In 1845, Unites states included Texas as a state in the Union.

The tour of San Antonio missions covers the above history. Now, let me take you through the photo tour :-)

The Alamo, from where the City got the name

Mission Conception

The missions of San Antonio are far more than churches. They are communities. We can see mud houses where the natives lived, the old churches, farms, and ranch. 

More than a church, Mission Conception was also a village, fort, school, farm, and ranch. Though the missions are ruined to some extent with time, archeologists were successful in preserving the old paintings on the walls as well.

War memorial near Alamo

Mission Espada

Sorry for the long shot, It's Mission San Jaun 

Beautiful carvings at Mission San Jose

A big tree with lot of branches near Mission San Jose
Mission SanJose, loved the carvings
Out of all missions, Mission San Jose is beautiful. The carvings are preserved till this time. The church is great but photography is not allowed inside without special permission from Paster.

 San Antonio missions is a world heritage site. All the missions are covered along the path of 13 miles and it is difficult to cover all of them on the same day if it is hot summer. It might take around 4 hours to cover all these by car by stopping at each mission for at least 30 mins. The missions are open from 9 am to 5.30 pm daily. The Mission Alamo, is open till 8 pm now in summer. Check this official site for more information.

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Rajlakshmi said...

The architecture looks lovely. Thanks for taking us on a virtual tour :)

Genevive Angela said...

very interesting post, thanks for sharing :)

Vishal Bheeroo said...

WoW, it's such an incredible post and such cultural and historical richness make the beauty of a country.


Corinne Rodrigues said...

Beautiful pictures. I've read of San Antonio and seen it featured in some movies. Being there must have been a great experience, Mahathi.

PS: Sorry for getting so delayed in visiting your post.

Boisterous Bee said...

That was quite an information!! And the pictures are beautiful!


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