22 October, 2016

21 random facts about me! #FridayReflections

Hello all.. Time for a fun personal post after a long time. Had been busy from the starting of October with relocation and setting up everything at the new place. I am reading books and writing reviews, though. 

So, I am glad to participate in #FridayReflections link up this week. As per the prompt, here are 21 random facts about me :-)

1. I love traveling to the core, be it a planned one or unplanned ! I am always ready to pack my bags and explore new places.

2. I am not an early-riser. I am getting up at 6 am now-a-days, but I love to start my day late.

3. I am not a coffee addict, but loving the morning coffees these days. I also love to try different flavors of coffee like French Vanilla.

4. I love reading books, especially thrillers and horrors. 
Source: pixabay.com

5. I am a classical dancer, though took a break for a few years. I am planning to start back soon.

6. Cooking scares me to hell. True! As the world famous scientist Edison once said, I find the different ways to spoil a dish before learning to make a good one :-(

7. I am a strict parent when it comes to making my kids eat healthy food.

8. I love to make crafts with kids by exploring Pinterest boards and youtube videos

9. Not a movie buff, but I love to watch horror movies. 

10. I usually never talk on phone for hours. 

11. I love photography. I take pics of nature than people. I use my phone more to take pics than talk :p

12. I don't like junk food except for ice creams and cupcakes.

13.I love soups and salads.
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14. I am a vegetarian and eat all vegetables except bitter guard.

15. I love hill stations and cool places than beaches.

16.  I love to learn about history and archeology.

17. I learned classical music in childhood and I sing when I am happy and relaxed.

18. I love long walks and nature hikes. I enjoy long drives too :-)

19. I have recently become a Netflix addict and one series that I loved most is 'Lost'

20. I hate South Indian breakfast like Idli and Dosa though I am from South India.I love Pongal very much, though. 

21. Needless to say, I love blogging and I feel, it's therapeutic.

I hope, I didn't bore you much.

Until next time,

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Alana said...

I'm with you on #11. For me, an iPhone is a camera with a phone and texting device attached to it.

Anonymous said...

That good writing
Thus keep it up
I also write on this topic

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Holly Jahangiri said...

Pretty random, definitely cool. Nice to "meet" you!

Shilpa Garg said...

Lost is my husband's fav series. I LOVE South India food especially Masala Dosa and wish I was having one now. I heart thrillers too. Enjoyed knowing a bit about you through this post, Mahathi :)

Unknown said...

Missed one point aka.. Ur patience levels r too high& u manage things very well :)

Vasantha Vivek said...

Wow ..... Wonderful list of facts about you, Ramya. True, Blooging is a therapy!!!

The Unknown Journey Ahead said...

Nice to meet you! I'm too shy to list 21 things about myself (besides that I'm shy) but, like you, I enjoy photography!

Mahathi Ramya said...

Ha hs Alana, you said it right ☺

Mahathi Ramya said...


Mahathi Ramya said...

Thanks, nice to meet you too Jahangiri.

Mahathi Ramya said...

Thanks Shilpa. I am still in season 3 of LOST and can't keep it away without watching.

Mahathi Ramya said...

Thought of it Krishna, but while managing 2 kids nowadays, I wonder if my patience levels are enough.

Mahathi Ramya said...

Yes Vasantha, thanks.

Mahathi Ramya said...

Nice to meet you on my blog.

Deepa said...

I also love travelling, always ready to pack my bags and Agree that blogging is therapeutic..good to connect :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Oh I love bitter gourd and idlis! French Vanilla coffee sounds interesting!

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