31 March, 2017

My Gratitude List - March 2017

It's been a long time that I wrote a gratitude list, but I can't let this good habit slip. 

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What a simple and meaningful quote. Whatever we are dealing with -good or bad and whatever our circumstances are, there is always something to be grateful for if we see closely. 

This month has been normal for me. Not many good things or not many bad. Let me list down a few things that I am thankful for.

1. Driving a 4 wheeler
After many unsuccessful attempts in India, I could learn to drive a 4-wheeler in the US. It's a great feeling. I am very desperate to drive on my own so that I can take my kids to library and shopping. I am yet to get a license, but I am confident to get it soon.

2. Less reading and more craftwork
I couldn't read much this month as I was afraid that I am adding more stress to my eyes because of a lot of e-copies that I am getting for review. I had my eye test done and fortunately, everything is good. Still, I asked the doctor hundred times if it's ok to read 3 books a month or read one hour daily.You know me, how important reading is to my life :-)

My elder one has spring vacation for one week and so I could spend more time with him on some simple crafts - paper butterflies and paper plate hens. Those came well. We tried Origami too, but we need to practice a lot.

3. It's spring here!
At last, it's spring here. I hoped to spend a lot of time outdoors and take long walks enjoying more sunshine, but we experienced 2 snow storms after 2 long weeks of sunny days. Even though we couldn't experience more sunny days, we utilized those days for cycling and walking. I am hopeful for more evening walks and outdoor plays with children. 
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So, that's my quick gratitude list for the month of March. Do you also feel thankful for anything this month? Let me know in comments. 

Until next time,

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  1. Congratulations. I hope you get your licence soon.
    The paper plate art is really good.

  2. My first time here... it's a great quote to live by! And lovely art work. Wish you good luck with your driving.

  3. That's a great quote to live by! Good luck with your driving licence, i totally understand how it will empower you.

  4. Congrats on your driving . Mine is still pending. may be this summer I will learn to master it.

  5. Congrats for your 4 wheeler driving. Short yet sweetest gratitude post. Loved your craft very much.

  6. NEHA JAIN12:34 PM

    Congratulations for learning to drive a four-wheeler. I am still struggling to become a pro at it. Nice crafts. Hope April is treating you with great things in life. :)
    Coming from #GratitudeCircle.

  7. Wow! Congratulations Mahathi! Have you got your licence yet? Love the papercraft. Enjoy the spring! Must be so gorgeous to see Nature. Thank you for being part of the Gratitude Circle. April's linky is going up today!


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