25 December, 2017

2017 in Review and Word of the year for 2018 #ChattyBlogs

We reached the last week of the year 2017. It seems like the year has gone fast when I review, but I had a good time overall. 

The first half of the year was not something significant but only good thing is that I started teaching dance in 2017. I cooked and experimented new recipes while cribbing about all the kitchen work I hate. 

Life seemed interesting from May when I got my driving license. The unlimited library visits made me happy. I took kids to a lot of activities in different parts of the town and we attended many fun events. 

More freelancing software testing work poured in and kept me busy. I have participated in many Instagram photo challenges and Writing challenges on my blog. My readership base grew and I focused on improving my network of friends. Diwali dance performance was good and because of this event, I made a lot of new friends. My kids got new friends too. 

In December, there are a lot of things to be grateful for. I started a new art form "Zentangle" and I am enjoying it to my heart's content. Of course, my reading time is replaced with Zentangle but it is very relaxing to my mind to draw at least for 30 mins a week. I started teaching dance to more students which also reduced my reading time. Many book reviews are pending as of now, but I don't want to rush myself reading them. I want to enjoy reading each book instead of just picking it up for review and finishing it in hurry.

So, that was about my 2017 which is both satisfying and happy. 

I don't usually set any new year resolutions as I believe that any good work should start as quickly as possible without waiting for any day. But, I want to pick a specific word for the next year which keeps me motivated and focused.

My word of the year for 2018 is "Positive Spirit". 2017 is definitely better than 2016 for me. My positive spirit made it the best. I want to continue the same for the next year too.

Do you set any word for the year? Or do you set new year resolutions? Do let me know your thoughts in comments. 

Until next time,

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  1. Indeed a great second half of the year! I hope it carries forwards for the coming year too. Even I do not like to make a list of resolutions as such. I just enjoy my life as it goes :-)

    1. That's the nice concept Keerthi. Enjoying the life as it goes.

  2. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Good to read this. Positive Spirit is indeed something we all can carry forward to the next year. Wishing you a 2018 that is filled with happiness and success!

    1. Thanks Sreedeep and I wish you a happy New year too.

  3. Hey, you had a lovely year Ramya. You too into testing? Me too.
    My word for 2018 will be Gratitude.

    1. Hey Upasna, same pinch ☺ I love software testing.

  4. Oh I can relate, the library visits were definitely the highlight for me, after I got my drivers license here. :)

    You seem to have had many wonderful milestones in 2017, and I hope you have an even more rewarding 2018. <3


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