03 May, 2018

Gratitude List for April 2018 #GratitudeCircle

April month has been the most satisfying month of this year so far. I gave one classical dance performance on stage after around 8 years or so. I could read some good books. I have successfully completed #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 and gained some knowledge. I have started my Pinterest account and could see some growth in the first month itself.

I loved this quote and I could relate to it well. Many people think they will be happy with money/ power/ knowledge/ whatever. It leads to unhappiness if they cannot get to those.

Gratitude, Positivity

Here are a few that I am thankful for last month:

1. Dance Performance
I believe in excellence and not in competition. I try to better myself in every performance and so my competition is only with me. This performance is different in one aspect. After delivering kids and crossing 30, the physical stamina plays an important role in the arts like the dance. I was afraid that I didn't have enough stamina to practice and perform like I did in my childhood/ teenage. Of course, Practice helped me to overcome this and I am happy for that.

2. Books
I stopped accepting more book reviews as I don't have much time to read due to my travel in June. So, all reviews I am doing in April and May are mostly the ones which tempted me to accept due to interesting blurbs. So, I read and reviewed only 3 books in April. Rising from the Ashes by Rubina Ramesh is a lovely take on a small story in Mythology. The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh by Carolyn Arnold is a thrilling and adventurous treasure hunt story. My Body is mine by Kayla is a helpful book to parents to teach about the boundaries of body and sexual abuse to their children.

3. SuperBloggerChallenge2018
I have joined this challenge with fewer expectations. My goal is to write an article every week for 10 weeks. But, I also learned a lot of blogging and social media tips. This helped me to create my Pinterest account and grow my traffic. It was also good to read many good blog posts throughout the challenge. Thanks to Amrita, Bushra and Utpal and my best wishes for their next series of Super Blogger Academy.

4.  Blogging Growth
Recently, I have subscribed to the newsletter from Shailaja V of Diary of a Doting mom. This is very helpful with many blogging tips. I have also started my Pinterest account recently. I am loving my experience with Pinterest as I am enjoying to design my pins. As of today, I got 50 followers and 8k monthly views just in one month. I am so happy to have started on Pinterest.

That's a great month for me. How was your April? What made you happy? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

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