18 May, 2018

My association with books #FridayReflections

My association with books started around the age when I was studying 7th grade. Books have been my best friends of life from that time. 

My Association with Books

The foundation of my interest in reading is given by my Father. He used to maintain a small library at our home in our childhood. He does now too. I remember visiting book fairs and multiple bookstores exploring different books and trying hard to choose the best book to buy. My Father taught me the English grammar, Telugu grammar, introduced me to good literary works in Telugu, crosswords in English etc., in my childhood.  Even now, I love reading magazines, stories, articles about various cultures, traditions etc., But, I never got time to read good books during school days. I was busy with studies and dance classes even during summer holidays. Other than reading children stories in weekly magazines and newspapers, I never had time to read and finish a book at that time. 

Good books

That was until my close friend introduced me to Sherlock Holmes series. I borrowed a novel by Arthur Conan Doyle from her and it was so good that I finished it in a few days and my interest in reading just grew exponentially. Even though I was busy with studies and dance till my engineering, I always tried to attend Book fairs with my father and explore old bookstores in Hyderabad whenever possible, buy books and read sometimes. 

When I started working, I got more free time. When I found a local library near our hostel, my joy knew no bounds. I explored a lot of good books, read numerous novels and thus started my blog to share my reviews. So, in one way, my blog is created specifically for book reviews and because of my interest in reading. 

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library.” — Jorge Luis Borges

Now, I am very happy to receive review copies from great authors and get a chance to read and review them on my blog. This has been a wonderful journey so far in my reading world and I hope to read many more good books in future and promote them on my blog.

What is your association with books? How did your interest in reading books grow? Do let me know in comments. 

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  1. I started reading via comic books. I have an assorted variety of them tucked away at a small corner in my cupboard.

  2. Books are just a magical world aren't they? And you seem to just remind this to everyone who reads your blog, especially in an age where many are forgetting books!

  3. So nice that your love for reading started early on. I loved reading Sherlock Holmes too. Which was followed by the usual Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. 😀

  4. That's how powerful books are! I have a forever romantic relationship with them. My never ever book reader brother, breezed through Sherlock Holmes volumes.


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