25 October, 2018

Stylish Bracelets which are durable and weatherproof

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I love wearing bracelets. I like wearing bracelets which can match most of my outfits. Since we, women wear different colors and varieties of outfits, it is difficult to choose a bracelet which suits most of them and also look modern and stylish.

Wind passion is a website that piqued my curiosity. They have multiple handmade accessories like Bracelets, Keychains, and cufflinks. These handmade nautical accessories are made in Europe and these are designed especially for people who love to adventure and explore. It's interesting that the accessories are waterproof, can sustain severe weather and are of the highest quality.

Wind Passion is dedicated to surfers, hikers, adventurers and everyone who dare to explore.

I have tried these bracelets and what I observed is that they are simple yet unique in their design. The mechanism to tight/ loosen the bracelet is easy to use. The design with bright colors and stripes is inspired by the Sea.

I would recommend these bracelets for everyday use for women and especially during traveling as they match with different outfits and also go well with the watch by the side. 


I liked this color combination and it looks stylish for everyday use. 

This is another design which is simple yet good. Click on the mode name to purchase.

This website has some collection of unique Keychains as well. The good thing about these products are that they are simple and good for practical use. 

Here are some options of cufflinks and bow ties for men :


That's not all of it! If you use any of these links from this blog post to purchase products from Wind Passion, you get a discount of flat 25%. Isn't that a sweet deal?

Purchase from Wind passion

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