20 February, 2019

A minute to death by Ganga Bharani - [Book Review]

Book Details:

Title : A minute to death part 1 & Part 2
Author : Ganga Bharani
Genre :thriller
Length of the book : 105 pages(part 1), 104 pages (part 2)
Source : A free copy that I won in some giveaway


Young, vivacious and an aspiring writer, Riya wants nothing more from her longtime crush/boyfriend than to let her in on one of his exciting investigations. After all, what better source material for a book than a real-life tragedy? 

A no-nonsense veteran cop, Rohan picks a case of probable suicide to satisfy Riya’s needs. Little does he know that there is more to this case than meets the eye. 

What made the victim hang herself at the break of dawn? What is the secret that her group of friends is hiding? Will Riya be able to salvage a workable plot for her upcoming novel out of this case of seemingly simple suicide?

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My Review :

This is a thrilling investigation story of 2 suicides in the town by a cop Rohan and his girlfriend Riya. The story is interesting with twists,  turns and clues leading to the cause of death. 

What I liked?

The thrill factor is great. The clues and deductions are good and make us analyze and think about the case. The characters are cool. Rohan as a handsome and smart cop and Riya as a bubbly writer are interesting. The story flows smoothly and the mystery is maintained till the end. I loved the plot so much that I purchased the part 2 of the kindle copy immediately after finishing the first part. 

I heard great reviews about this book before starting the book itself and thus my expectations are high. This book met all my expectations. 

The only downside is the mistakes/ spelling errors. This book might have been reviewed before publishing.

One more thing that I didn't like is that the intelligent Riya might not have chosen that path for fame. Her decision doesn't match to her personality and there would have been some justification about this in the book, which is not there. I cannot talk more as I don't want to reveal anything for new readers.

My Rating : 4.5/5

I would recommend this book to all readers who like short thrillers/ fast-paced reads.

About the Author:

Ganga Bharani Vasudevan is the author of 'Just you, me and a secret', and Plot Engine, among many others. 
Her short films 'Tiny Steps' and 'Candles' won the Best Film Award and Special Mention Award in an international film festival. She was awarded 'Best Urban Chennai Blogger Award'. 
She is now writing a script for an Indian Feature film that will be released in the year 2017.

Website: http://gangabharani.com/ 

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