26 March, 2019

Gratitude List for February 2019 #GratitudeCircle

I am late to the Gratitude Party :-) There are other things which kept me busy and away from blogging in March. Somehow, found time only today to make my gratitude list. 

February has been an amazing month with our anniversary and our elder son's birthday. We could go on a road trip too after a long time, which is such a relief. 

I am grateful for:

The strength and support of the family:

After a long time, we have spent some sleepless nights due to kids being sick. But, I thank God that those days are gone. 

The weather is worst this year in Colorado compared to the last 2 years. We have seen many snow storms. The temperatures fluctuated like crazy, one day while it was 60 Fahrenheit, the next day was the snow storm with single digit temperatures. Kids fell sick multiple times, but we (my husband and myself) could survive and come out of it.  

Travel :

Travel is such a booster to my energy. I am very happy to have traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for our anniversary. A bit busy now, so couldn't post my travelogue yet. 

Santa Fe is a unique town for art lovers. The sculptures and metal art displays are amazing. The camel rock and the wonderland style 'meow Wolf' is also good.

 This was the only trip that we had very less time / even no time to plan. Booking hotels and packing bags itself was tough though everything went well. 

The Cute Robot at Meon Wolf

Dance Practice :

I am happy to have started dance practice again. This activity will keep me fit for some days. 

My Dance class students are learning fast and going ahead, which means I have to practice more to teach them. I am enjoying this phase. With 2 more performances planned in April, Even this month I am focusing more on my dance skills. 

My only goal is to improve my stamina at least to some extent by regular practice.

Painting Party :

I always think that the kid's birthday parties should be celebrated in a different way. This year, we chose Art which is the favorite for my elder one. 

So, I have enjoyed purchasing canvases, painting supplies to all the kids who attended the party and the kids enjoyed painting well. A cool celebration!

Kids Paintings

Satyanarayana Pooja and New car :

I feel grateful and blessed as our family could perform Satyanarayana Pooja at the temple. We also got the New car which is an 8 seater and a good deal. My children loved the Van as it is very comfortable and spacious for them. We got this car during a snowstorm, but all is well that ends well, right? I am so happy about that. 

First Time drove through a winter storm

How about your February and March? Let me know in comments.

Until next time,

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