03 March, 2019

The joy of Motherhood

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I was kind of a person who never paid attention to small kids. My friends and cousins used to start a conversation with kids and play with them. Until I became a mom, that child caring attitude wasn't there.

I clearly remember the first day when my elder son was born in a hospital. It was a normal delivery. I enjoyed my pregnancy period a lot keeping myself happy always, eating good food and getting pampered by my spouse. I didn't dream about how my baby would look like but I felt some strange happy feeling when I experienced first kicks of my child in my tummy.

It was not a love at first sight or the greatest joy when I delivered. Reason being the complication after my delivery. You can read my childbirth story here. But, for my second delivery, I have discussed with the doctor on the possible complications and chose c section and I was mentally ready to face my baby, feed him and care for him.

I have experienced the joy of mommyhood when....

I saw my baby in pink, so chubby, round, cute, small and beautiful.

I could feed my baby for the first time through breastfeeding. I felt an emotional bond instantly.

I experience the joy of mommyhood every time...

When I see the blind trust my children show to me.

When I see my qualities in my children, especially creativity.

When they show kindness and care to family and friends. I feel proud of the little ones for learning important skills.

When they help others and show empathy.

When they explore the environment and learn new things in life.

When I am amazed at how quick they grasp some skills and when they are ahead of me in learning. 

When they surprise me with a lot of questions and curiosity to understand things in this world.

When they try to understand my feelings and help.

When we all sit together and enjoy our favorite show on TV or do some craft together or paint together.

Simply put, the joy Mommyhood is in the everyday life of the Parent. Feel Grateful for the moments you create now with your children and stay blessed as Time will fly and the days gone are gone.

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