27 April, 2020

Sticky Quotes - Fun, Short and Inspirational! - [Product Review]

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I love sticky notes for many reasons.

Some of the reasons :
- to quickly jot down something to remember later 
- to write personalized notes
- to inspire colleagues and friends with great quotes
- to just make friends/kids smile with a funny quote

The benefits are many, right? That is the reason I chose to review this product from Sticky Quotes.

The Package

The Package and Options:

The Package came with a File, a brochure explaining their products, and around 7 types of different Sticky quotes for various occasions.

- Happy Birthday quotes
- Motivational
- Creative Classroom
- Girl Power
- Words of Wisdom
- Love Letters and
- Lunchbox Notes

Each set has around 25 unique quotes and 50 sheets to stick and personalize.

Sticky Quotes make for a perfect daily dose of motivation! We can share a smile with the sticky.



What I like about this product?

- The quotes are short, quirky, motivational and for practical use
- Easy to stick and peel off
- Doesn't grease to the surface
- Option to write our own sentences below the quotes to personalize - say, Happy birthday quotes to stick on gifts
- Bring a smile on kids' face through Lunch box quotes / Girl power quotes
- Love letter stickers to add spice in everyday romance

Love quote 

How I am going to use them?

  • To create personalized notes for birthday gifts
  • To inspire my colleagues with inspirational quotes 
  • To be inspired when I am down
  • To add spice by including Love notes to surprise the spouse :p
  • To motivate kids and let them know how much I care with lunch box quotes

Lunch Box Quote

Lunch Box Quote

If you want to create a chain of motivation and encourage the people in your life, these sticky quotes are easily available on Amazon

Birthday Note

Until next time,

PS: I have received this product in exchange for a review and this is my honest opinion of the product. 

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