17 February, 2021

Crested Butte and Curecanti Recreational Area

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This is part 3 of our Southwest Colorado trip. Check the below links to read the other parts:

Black Canyon of Gunnison

Telluride and Million Dollar Highway

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On Day #4, on the way to Colorado Springs, we drove through the Curecanti Recreational area devouring the beauty of Gunnison river along the road, passing through the mountain town Crested Butte, covering a scenic dirt road drive to Kebler pass, and also driving through Cottonwood Pass.

Curecanti Recreational Area

On Day 1, when we traveled to the North rim of Black Canyon of Gunnison from the South rim Visitor center, we took the route through Montrose, Hotchkiss, and Crawford. But, there is another scenic route to reach the North rim, which passes through Curecanti Recreational area along the Gunnison River. This might take 30 mins more than the route that we took. But, if you have enough time, consider that route.

Curecanti Recreational Area

Anyways, while returning we saw a few places in Curecanti recreational area and I feel, this area is great for boating tours and a relaxing time on the river beach. 

Curecanti Recreational Area

Gunnison River
Curecanti Recreational Area

Curecanti Recreational area is a series of 3 reservoirs along the Gunnison River. The area is best for boating, hiking, and fishing. Morrow point boat tours is one of the highly recommended tours to cruise through the canyon. We missed it as we didn't have enough time.

We stopped for lunch at Gunnison and started our drive to the scenic Crested Butte. Crested Butte is a mountain lover's paradise. A small town surrounded by beautiful mountains is a wonderful sight.

Crested Butte, Colorado
Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Colorado
Mt. Crested Butte

Crested Butte is popular as winter heaven. It is also called "Wildflower Capital of Colorado" and an excellent choice for mountain biking in summer. 

We drove through the dirt road to reach Kebler pass, which is around 30 mins from downtown. It was not as great as many passes that we saw in Colorado but, a pretty drive though. 

Kebler Pass
Kebler Pass

Kebler Pass
Kebler Pass

The leaves were just changing colors as it's the last week of September and it was a bit difficult to not stay in Crested Butte. But, a few things for some other time :-(

On the way to Colorado Springs, we drove through Cottonwood pass and this drive is always worth it. 

Cottonwood Pass reaches an elevation of around 12,100 ft above sea level and it goes from Almont to Buena Vista. The views are Instagram-worthy! 

We did the Continental divide hike and this is a great place to enjoy the views of the mountains and the curving roads below. A jacket is a must in any season except Summer. There are many beautiful alpine lakes to hike in this area and it is definitely a hidden gem of Colorado. 

Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass

We reached Colorado Springs by driving through our favorite route through Salida, Canon City, and Penrose. 

This wonderful trip etched beautiful memories in our life! Of course, we were a bit scared to travel during Covid, but thanks to Hilton in Montrose, which kept our rooms exceptionally clean and followed all safety guidelines. 

If you are looking for accommodation near Montrose, do check this map to book.

My Next travelogue will be about Colorado National Monument near Fruita. 

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