13 November, 2021

Tips to stay Focused on any Activity

 How do you stay focused on any activity? 

We usually think a lot about focus and concentration. We can be more productive and get better results in less time if we can focus on the activity. Right?

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Here are the 5 tips from my experience to focus on any activity:

1. Remove distractions

Mobile, TV, games, gossip - there are a lot of distractions We find every day. But, there are ways to avoid distractions. Keeping the notifications off on phone, Uninstalling the apps that waste our time, setting a specific time to distractions like watching TV etc., will help.

2. Find the purpose of the activity

The purpose gives us clarity and determination to complete an activity. It acts as a motivating factor to focus better.

A student writing an essay might think about her purpose as getting recognition in class or getting a good grade. Instead of working on something like a chore, doing with purpose in mind makes it easy.

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3. Time the Activity 

Sometimes,  it's tough to focus for longer periods of time. But, it's easy with fewer durations, right?

If you have to complete an essay in 2 days, it's good to spend some set amount of time each day instead of working continuously on the last day to meet the deadline.

4. Break down the activity into multiple small tasks 

It's a no-brainer that we can focus better on small achievable tasks instead of big complicated tasks.

For me, this technique helps me a lot to focus. 

For ex: publishing a blog post seems like a single task, but I usually split it into multiple small tasks, so that I can focus and finish each task. Like creating a draft post, proofreading,  searching and adding images, creating social media images, publishing and promoting on social media, etc.,

5. Enjoy the activity and the process

In the end, it all comes down to what we love. If we love the process and activity,  we will focus better.

It is important to enjoy the activity.  But, all tasks are not fun and easy. For these, determination and not giving up are the required attitudes.

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  1. Very useful tips.

  2. I agree with you, Mahathi! Focussing on the simpler small portion of a task yields a better result than trying to tackle the entire task in one go. Focus has become a problem for all of us these days, especially with our smartphones always being there to distract us. These are some useful tips you have given here to tackle the problem.
    Thank you for joining Fiction Monday. Hope to see you in this week again. :)

    1. Sure, will try to join. Ya, too much information available in smartphones is rather distracting.

  3. I like your post! Simple and efficient!

    Thank you and all the best!

  4. wonderful tips! Set the phone on silent first!


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