07 October, 2022

3 Wonderful Board games good for family nights

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Board Games

Board games are a lot of fun. I feel nostalgic thinking of board games as they bring back my childhood memories. 

Board games are perfect for family nights. These days, we are so used to laptops and playing video games on phones that we tend to ignore board games. But, do you think there is still some charm around these?

Reasons to love board games

What's special about board games? 

  • Family participation and bonding
  • Fun with friends 
  • Away from digital screens
  • Not addictive like video games
  • No violence
  • Good for brain and relaxation 

Board Games that I love

1. Snakes and Ladders

There is no skill needed in this game. Just fun! roll the dice, and let it decide your win /loss, you just bond with friends and family. Tease the ones who are eaten by snakes, and enjoy the small wins when you climb up the ladder.

A very simple concept, but what a wonderful game!

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you can even play online here these days.

Photo by VD Photography on Unsplash

2. Chinese Checkers

This game brings out so many nostalgic memories. This is the perfect game for our family night. I played it for so seriously and hard with my parents and my sister as a family that I even dreamed of our steps and opponents' counterattacks! Lol 😂 

Such a cool game. Simple concept, easy to learn, makes you a little addicted, gives satisfaction, and is good to bond with friends and family.

Checkers is also a similar game that my kids love to play.

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PC: Image by Mykola Volkov from Pixabay 

3. Uno

My kids really love this game. We also love joining with them.

It's easy to teach this game to elementary kids. The game is fun and engaging. Nowadays, we get cards with different themes to enjoy. 

You can buy cards on Amazon.

Have you ever tried this? If not, try this online version. 

Photo by Adam Mills on Unsplash

There are so many wonderful board games but I have listed only the simple ones. We also love playing Monopoly, Jenga, Connect 4, Scrabble and Chess.

Let us start these games as a tradition on weekend nights and enjoy our screen-free time as a family together. What do you say?

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