26 May, 2023

Ideal way to spend my day off #BlogchatterBlogHop

 I am so looking forward to this long holiday week. This Monday is Memorial day for us, giving us a 3 day off. Cool!  And summer break at schools is a bonus.

No need to wake up early, no need to rush to cook or go to office.

How do I want to spend my day off?

Here is my ideal way to spend my day off:

More Sleep 😴 🛌 :

I love to wakeup late and sleep more on my day off. I might wake up at 8am. 

Beauty parlor or Spa 💅:

I would love to spend my time after breakfast to get a beauty service like facial or pedicure and a relaxing massage in spa. 

Family hiking 🥾 :

I would love to hike to someplace with hubby and kids on the evening. Someplace with mountains / river and forest.

Reading 📖 :

The thought of having an afternoon nap followed by reading some good book having tea / coffee in the evening would be ideal. It's pure bliss really.

Dessert 🍨 🧁 :

I would love to celebrate day off with a dessert in the evening - a simple ice cream or a pastry would be amazing.

Gardening 🌲:

My Day off would be complete with all the above joys, but if there is at least 1 hr of time, I would love to tend to my plants.

Movie 🍿 :

I would love to watch a movie in the evening after dinner to enjoy my day off. A thriller / comedy / romance might be great.

What's your ideal way to spend your day-off? Please do let me know in comments.

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