26 May, 2023

Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin TX

The Sitagu Buddha Vihara was founded in Austin in 1996 by the venerable Ashin Nyanissara. The main purpose of this temple is to provide a center for the practice of Theravada Buddhist meditation and Dhamma study in USA.

The place sits on 16.1 acres with private cottages and public facilities. This Buddhist monastery very beautifully constructed with a golden pagoda and large Buddha statues inside.

The place around is maintained clean and nearer to nature making it a great place for meditation. This is also a great place for amazing architecture and good for photography.

The address:

9001 Honeycomb Dr., Austin, TX 78737

Visitors are always welcome, but they suggest to send an email before dropping by. Instructions about the location and contact info can be found here.

We visited it twice and I will recommend it to all. It is quiet and peaceful place to visit on a weekend evening. 

As it's a religious place and monks will be meditating, it is recommended to maintain silence and take care of kids running around. 

Public restrooms are available. Parking is limited. 

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