31 August, 2023

3 best podcasts that you should listen to today

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Podcasts are like a radio talk series or audio blogs. Podcasts are usually themed around a specific topic and are free to listen through podcasting apps. 

What's great about Podcasts?

I have recently started listening to podcasts. I always try to learn more about health, mind, body, soul and how to lead a meaningful life. There are many podcasts where the host explains scientific terms in a simple way with examples. 

Podcasts are a great way to pass time during driving / stuck in traffic. I also listen to them while cooking or cutting vegetables or folding laundry. 

How to access podcasts?

In my android phone, I installed 'podcasts' app. I search for good podcasts and subscribe to them. I open this app and play these episodes whenever I want to listen. This app is free with many podcasts.

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Here are my favorite podcasts that I suggest you listen to today:

1. Huberman Lab

Iam amazed by this podcast and the information it gives about latest researches. 

Huberman Lab discusses neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health. This might look like a boring pure science when you read about it, but Huberman explains science is very interesting way in simpler terms.

He brings all new science researches about neuroscience to the audience. He does a lot of interview with other scientists and researchers on interesting topics like tips for longevity, how  smells impact our biology, how to improve fitness, how fasting impacts our health, how sleep helps in good health, what is the correct way of drinking water etc.,

I find his talks very good and I feel involved. His talks make me think beyond the topic and also help me to incorporate a few tips in my everyday lifestyle.

2. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

You might have seen him on social media a lot. Jay Shetty is a British podcaster and a life coach. He is the author of #1 New York Times Best seller - Think Like a Monk

His podcasts are majorly about how to avoid negativity in life, How to stop over thinking, How to relax your mind etc., He gives many practical tips and tools to reduce anxiety,  and to achieve success. I like the practical approach from his podcast. We can learn many tips from his podcasts and implement them. 

He also interviews famous personalities including the US President Biden. His positivity and curiosity interests me in his podcasts.


3. The Mindset Mentor

This podcast by Rob Dial is about finding motivation and focus in our lives. He talks about various topics related to personality development like improving communications, reducing anxiety, improving positive mindset, improving productivity and realizing the power of optimism.

Rob is a coach, speaker and viral content creator. He is based in Austin, TX. 

His podcasts really change the way we think and they make us a better person.

Have you tried any podcasts? if so, which podcasts do you like in wellness category? Please do share your recommendations.

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  1. I listen to Dr. Huberman a lot! especially episodes he dedicates to sleeps. He's great and if i can suggest another podcast is the 7 good minutes. Its got small digestable morsels of wisdom~

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it.

  2. I have only recently started listening to podcasts. I'm still getting used to them :)

    1. It takes time but when you get used to good one, it's fun. Thanks for dropping by Suchita.


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