02 September, 2023

5 Tips to boost your mood

Did you ever felt too tired some days? Like you were just dragging yourself the remaining day until night? These do happen for all. 

For me, the mid of the week is the most tiring one. On wednesdays/ thursdays, I am super tired, waiting for the weekend to just enjoy a relaxing afternoon nap or wakeup late without hurrying about anything.

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How to lift up our mood when we are super tired/ bored/ depressed?

First of all, we need not have energy at all times, we need not feel happy at all times and it is ok. Being tired is body's response for giving it a lot of stress. So, before we think about boosting the energy/ lifting up our mood, we should think about resting and slowing down.

However, there are a few days when we need to be there even though we are tired, like sending kids to school, attending an important meeting in office, preparing and presenting something important at work , taking care of a sick family member etc., So, those are the days we need ways to boost our energy and keep us going.

5 Tips to boost your mood:

1. Listening to music

This is on the top of list always. Music changes the mood. Right mood gives energy. Listening to your favorite music for sometime and then proceeding with your tasks is one way.

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

2. Right Food

Food gives energy and good mood. There are a few food items which give instant energy - coffee, dark chocolate etc., Our brain needs more nutrients for its energy reserve. Foods rich in protein like eggs, fruits and nuts give energy. Eating our favorite foods can change our mood to be happy. Desserts are good mood busters if we are not concerned about calories.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

It's important to drink more water to conserve energy. If we feel dehydrated, we might feel dull, weak and low on energy. Food items rich with water like cucumber, melons, strawberries, citrus fruits help a lot. 

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

4. Power Nap

When body gets too tired, quick way to regain energy is by a power nap. A quick nap of 10 to 15 mins , if not possible, till 20 mins will make us energized. Did you ever try? A nap always lifts up our mood and makes us go back to the same boring task easily.

5. Hobbies 

Hobbies change our mood very well. I love drawing a Zentangle or a little drawing to change my mood and feel better. Reading a good book also lifts up my mood any time. Playing games and preparing some crafts is enjoyable. Gardening gives happiness and satisfaction.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

Other things that lift up my mood are scented candles, a clean house, good show on TV, choreography for a dance item, hiking in the nature, vacations and a lot more.

What are the ways you lift up your mood? Do let me know in comments.

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