25 October, 2023

Educational Food and Cooking Games for kids

I feel, food is an important part of our life. We become what we eat. I live by that.

Now a days, people are exploring different diets for good health and trying different varieties of food. This exploration and knowledge is very important. 

Do you eat all types of fruits? especially seasonal? Do you try all types of vegetables? especially local grown? Do you include cereals and grains in your diet? What Vitamins do you need per day and how do you get healthy cholesterol? Are there any foods which reduce stress? So, many questions.. 

I listen to multiple podcasts to improve my knowledge on food, diet and its impact. 

How do we share this knowledge with kids and make them love healthy food options? My kids love pizza, burger ofcourse, but they also love Chipotle and Subway subs. 

It is challenging to teach them about right food choices. I am not a big fan of playing games online, but came across this site which offers games about healthy food habits. This website has many fun and educational food games. 

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Do you wonder, what they are? Let me share my review on a few useful games.

Food Educational Games:

Fast Food Combat - players race to eat delicious fruits while avoiding eating foods that will make them sick or slow them down. Pretty simple game, good for kids 2nd grade and below.

Fruit Quiz is good for kindergarten and first grade kids to identify fruits. 

Design Squad Feed the Fidgits is a aquaponics gardening game which teaches children how to grow vegetables indoors. I remember the farm games that I used to plan on facebook in early days of Facebook. This one is like that!

Coffee Shop is a simulation game where you see how much money you can help Cafe Calypso earn in a month. The game includes factors like stocking ingredients, ingredient spoilage, changing drink formulas, managing drink price, and changing consumer demand based on changes in the weather.

These kind of games are interesting for kids as they feel like they are responsible to manage a coffee shop :-)

Pizza Tower is a tower building game where you build a thriving pizza empire one floor at a time. Train your chefs on each floor, unlock new floors, and improve your delivery network to maximize your earnings.

Seems interesting. 

There are some recycling, kitchen tasks and farm games as well.

Here is a body fat calculator based on weight and height which I felt useful for adults as well. There are other useful calculators for weight loss and workout calories in the same site.

Do you like these kind of games for your kids? Let me know in comments.

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