15 May, 2015

My experience with My Airtel App

This is app world, Everyone are using smart phones to get information quick. We want everything on our finger tips - be it paying electricity bill or a bank transaction or recharging mobile on go or booking a cab.

So, here comes an App for airtel users like me. Check this link to know more about app. I have been an ardent Airtel fan from around 8 years or so, had been using vodafone before. Because of good network connectivity i shifted to airtel and I am happy for taking this decision. Today, I have installed my airtel app and here is my opinion on its key features and benefits.

Installed My Airtel app from Google play store as mine is an android phone.  Heard, it is being released for iphones too. Here are some features which i feel are important for me.

Bill Payment:
Basically, i need app to pay my postpaid mobile bills on time. In our busy schedules, we tend to miss the payment last dates and hurry when we find that we missed payment and we have to pay with late fee. So, it becomes easy if an app is accessible to you always, so that you can pay bill at any time when you remember. Isn't it?
I don't use a pre-paid phone, but help friends in recharging their airtel mobile when required. It's very quick and easy with this app.

Track Account usage:
Obviously, this feature is important for most of us. This enables us to choose a proper plan as per the usage. It is good that airtel is providing different packs in each plan. Each pack is specifically for local calling, local sms, STD calls, National roaming, ISD, 3G packs , 2G packs etc., So, if we know how much data we are downloading on 2G/ 3G or how many calls we do regularly, it is easy to choose a perfect plan that suits to us. What say?
For people who use Pre-paid connection, checking the balance regularly is important. So, View balance feature helps them a lot.

Recharge option for broadband/ DTH:
Broadband connection at home is kind of essential these days, as I sometimes work from home too and rely most on the network. So, I would like to use this app to recharge my broadband. Recharge option for DTH is also cool as we cannot miss our favourite movie only for a single reason of forgetting to recharge :-)

So, this is my experience on this app. Overall, app is good. Not very sophisticated, but simple and easy to use. But, I have to try new features yet like tracking service requests, adding new friends etc., Let me try and let you know..

Until next time,

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