15 May, 2015

The Silent Scream - [Book Review]

Book Details:

Title: The Silent Scream
Author: Siddhartha Garg
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Rumour books India
Source: Review copy from author

Story/ Plot: This book starts with the story of a young girl in Benguluru. It is about how the bubbly cheerful girl underwent sexual abuse from her own father and how her mother supported her daughter against her husband and helped her to lead normal life after the shocking aftermath. 
This book takes you through different real abuse stories of several children. The next part covers an interview with child psychologist, which clarifies many myths about child sexual abuse. 

My Review:
It is shocking, but true that child sexual abuse is not very uncommon in our society. Instead of brushing this topic aside, it is better for us (parents) to explain our kids about good touch and bad touch as early as 4 years onwards. One good pointer to be taken is to trust our children when they report abuse. Be open and have patience and let child talk. Else, it is very difficult to get the facts from children. To create an open environment for them to report an issue itself is a great first step against child abuse.

This book is kind of a guide to parents on the preventive measures that we can take to provide a safe environment for our kids. Unlike other books that I have read earlier, this is not a fictitious story. There are many real stories in the book which melt your heart and make you scared of the environment our children are living in. This book also contains some suggestions and pointers given by psychologists on securing our children from sexual abuse .

I appreciate author(Siddhartha Garg) for his thorough research on this topic and his good intention to spread an important message to the world. 

If you want to read a thriller/ fiction book for time pass, you can skip this. If you want to know about child sexual abuse, understand myths behind it, get some pointers on providing safe environment to your kids, please go ahead and read. 

I am not mentioning any negative points about this book because the writing style or language or story are irrelevant in this case and only the final message is important.

My Rating: 4/5

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