13 July, 2015

Gratitude List - July 2015

Inspired by Lauren who blogs at Alphabet salad, I am also preparing a gratitude list. 

If we are able to eat sumptuous meals, wear good clothes and have a safe roof to stay, I believe, we are lucky than most of the people in the world. I believe in God and i feel that i am lucky of the lot who has all these basic necessities and many more luxuries in my life. Good friends, lovely family and non stressful job add to the happiness to anyone. Cool.. So, it's time to say thanks and be contended for what God has given me.. 

Gratitude list:
Let me start with a list in the ascending order of importance (Most important at the end of the list) :-)

1. Friendly and supportive colleagues 
2. My passion towards software testing
3. My passion for writing which keeps me going
4. My mobile phone samsung galaxy S4 and its camera (especially)
5. Facebook and whatsapp which keeps me connected to the world
6. Relaxing weekend just went by
7. My best friends and their support
8. My love for books and my ability to read at least one book per month
9. Supporting parents , in laws and sibling
10. My family and their love

I am very thankful to God for all of the above. So what are you thankful for today? Is there a gratitude list that you too have? Please share, will be happy to read :-)

Until next time,

Linking to Gratitude circle hosted by VidyaSury and Corinne.
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