27 July, 2015

Mommy guilt

This is the topic that intrigues me a lot. This is the topic mostly talked about in offices by working women. This is the topic which most of the working women take too seriously than required resulting in mental pressure. So, I chose to write on this for my #Mondaymusings! Co-hosting #MondayMusings with Corinne who writes at everydaygyaan and writeTribe.

I love my job a lot. Testing is my passion, in fact. I enjoy working in office. I enjoy taking challenges, completing difficult assignments, networking, coordinating with people to make things work, organizing events, leading and guiding team etc., But, when my first kid was born and I had to leave my kid with a care taker at 6 months of his age, Mommy guilt started. Life was good when he was healthy, laughing, playing and all. But, when he became sick and I had to give instructions to care taker on how to take care of the kid, I felt like I am not a good mother. Yes, I have taken many work from homes, leaves, been with kid at difficult times too, but still, it was not possible always.

Joining the kid to school and then to day care were again tough times to both of us. Making him habituated to stay without me for long time, making him eat properly in my absence, protecting him from frequent colds, coughs and fevers, improving his immunity - all this was a very good learning phase as a mother.

Proper support at home from family made me overcome the guilt and helped me to stay positive. I believe in not taking stress from office to home and vice versa. My poor memory is my bliss. I forget bad experiences quick and like to switch to home mode as i step out of office and don't take that burden to home. Usually, I over compensate on weekends and after work hours by spending more time while feeding my kid or making him do homework. Sleeping lullaby in nights, waking up in mornings with cuddles and telling small stories are bonding times :-)

Over the time, I have realized, no one can be perfect in this world. No one can be a perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect employee and all in one. We all try to get there and be somewhere in the middle and it is completely OK than trying to be best out of all, by stressing ourselves. What do you say?

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