09 September, 2015

A day with Flintobox

Do you have a child between 3 to 7 years old? then, it would be helpful to know about http://flintobox.com/.

What's a Flintobox?

Every parent wants to teach science and maths concepts to children in an easy way so that they will remember them and not mug up without understanding. We want to know an easy interactive way to teach children. Flintobox is one such kit which contains 4 -5 projects that promote child's early development. On subscribing to it from the site, different flintoboxes with different projects will be delivered monthly to home. These projects are designed by experts and child psychologists, so you shouldn't have any doubt that your child might not like.

Received a Flinto Box for some blogging contest recently and I started exploring with my 4-year-old kid. Flintobox that I received is about 'Lights and Shadows'. Let me tell you about one project:

This project contains:
A pen with invisible ink
Special torch to view writings of an invisible pen
A score card
star stickers

Activity: When 2 players are playing the game, one is supposed to write slowly on paper with an invisible ink pen so that other player can guess the letter or word that player 1 is writing and say it. If player 2 can guess that right, he gets a point. A shining star to be stuck below his name on a score card. If he couldn't guess correctly, Player 1 gets the point and shining star under his name. Whoever gets more score after 10 mins, will win the game. After the answer is revealed, we can confirm the answer by lighting special torch to view writing of invisible ink. Interesting?

There is another project to prepare a projector screen and see images of some pretty objects and understand the concept of light and shadow. Another project is like a craft activity where we prepared a bed lamp with the objects given.

Try it, if you want to engage kids and teach them some science concepts. Check here for flintoboxes with different concepts. Each box costs around Rs.1095/- and one year subscription costs around Rs. 795/- per box. I feel, it's worth the cost.

Until next time,

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this great site with an intention to educate children in an interactive way.

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