22 September, 2015

A fun weekend activity

Weekends are a gift to do something we like or spend time leisurely and relax.
Usually, I complete any pending works on Saturday and relax completely on Sunday either by sleeping or reading some book or watching a movie.

Last weekend, I had to engage my kid on some interesting activity. I am not a very creative or crafty person. So, I have googled many images of simple crafts for a 4-year-old and found out this activity.

A caterpillar / crawling bug

Items needed:
2 egg cartons
Fabric paints/ water colours
paint brush
craft kit containing small wool balls for eyes and colourful antennas

1. Cut the egg carton to half and connect them with glue/ fevicol like a train keeping them upside down
2. Colour the egg carton train with interesting colours - all same or alternate colours like we did
3. Stick colour wool balls as eyes and stick colourful antennas (you can stick shirt buttons and colour them black for eyes. You can roll a long paper, stick it to small wire and colour for antenna)

Simple. Isn't it? I chose the basic one so that it will be easy for my kid to do on his own.   By the way, you can prepare a penguin, a train, a boat and many other items with egg cartons. Creativity doesn't have a limit, right?

So, that's the fun we had on the weekend. We also prepared some greeting cards with simple drawings like cup cakes, balloons, bus and trucks and coloured them.

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