29 September, 2015

Gratitude list - Sep 2015

I am loving this post and waiting to write my gratitude list every month :-)
So, getting habituated to recognize every small thing in my life that I am grateful for.

Quickly going to my gratitude list.. It's a small list.

1. Happy for being a mother. I realized, we shouldn't take anything for granted and I feel grateful to God to be blessed with healthy, happy kids who make my life bright and worth living.

2. Contributed one article for the great initiative by Vidya Suri for 'Collecting smiles' ebook. Yet to be launched in amazon.com.. waiting :-)

3. I am better balanced this month and learned to leave tension and stop worrying about past/ future. #Lifemantra for this month is Enjoy present :-)

4. Back to book reviews after some gap and could review 3 books this month.

5. Could spend some good amount of time with my son on crafts and other fun. We both enjoyed for sure..

6. Hey! this is the last day of September challenge. How fun it was! I published a post on every weekday, visited many blogs, read and commented on many blogs and learned a lot from blogger friends :-)

Until next time,

Linking this post to Gratitude circle hosted by Corinne and Vidya Suri.
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