06 August, 2016

Parenting Promises #BARaThon - Day #7

Wow.. it's day 7 of the marathon, thus, the last day. Thanks to Blog-a-rhythm and my blogger friends who participated and encouraged me to write. Had a fantastic week reading wonderful posts and different perspectives on prompts.

Here goes the post for prompt - Promise (to yourself or someone else)

We, as parents promise ourselves a lot. Here are my Parenting promises:

I Promise myself:

To have more patience while feeding my kids

To reduce their screen time and play with them

To take them out daily for physical play

To give myself atleast one hour time for my hobbies and interests

To take care of my health as well along with that of my family

To get good night's sleep not getting disturbed with social media 😉

To be a child again and play with my kids

What Parenting promises do you make for yourselves?
Please do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

Image courtesy: A free image from pixabay.com 


  1. Fantastic promises, Ramya !!!My wishes to you ......

  2. Those are adorable promises. Wish you luck in fulfilling all those.

  3. More patience, more patience, more patience - that's all I ask for. No promises though.

  4. wow!! That's really wonderful!! For me Its been a silent promise made by my heart before I became aware of it. After all in parenting certain things happen almost automatically...right!! Really loved your take on it!!

  5. You will make such an awesome parent and friend for your lil one, if you are not one yet. Heart warming to read:)


  6. It is a long list of parenting promises. More power to you.

  7. Good Promises Mahathi!.Especially the first one.Really needs lots of patience

  8. Wishing you all the best in keeping the promises alive!



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