30 May, 2017

Gratitude list - May 2017

This month is more positive than I have expected. I did some shopping, drove to library many times, read some good books and had a great vacation.

So, it's time of the month to count my blessings and be thankful to God.

1. Library visits
I went to library many times a week with children as I have a car ready all times with me. Since summer vacation started to my elder son, this routine is helping me to keep my sanity. While both kids are always busy fighting for something or the other at home, they play independently in library, build train tracks, listen to rhymes, stories and enjoy themselves. I am also getting time to blog, read and review.
Pic courtesy: www.pixabay.com

2. Book reviews
I got to read more historical fiction novels this month including The Indus challenge, Ponni's beloved and also a quirky parenting journal - motherhood, martyrdom and Costco runs. Fortunately, I liked all the books.

3. A family vacation
It has been some time we went on a long drive and Iam happy that we went on a family vacation to Great sand dunes national preserve. Kids loved sliding on the soft sand dunes and playing in the creek jumping on water. More details will follow in my next post. We have planned more vacations in the coming months and Iam looking forward to a great time.

4. Weather
I can't help but wonder about Colorado Springs most unpredictable weather. The spring started but it snowed and rained many weeks of this month. No doubt, the nature looked wonderful with showers, mist and thunderstorms. Here is my post on dull weather but a fun week.

5. Gardening
Iam a very beginner in gardening. I don't know the basics of planting seeds and caring for a home Garden. But I tried this time as I love the plants and flowers. I also like growing vegetables fresh to eat. I started with some flowering plants, methi, coriander, tulasi and green chillies. I have to wait and see how they sustain the cold weather and I also hope it will be sunny in the coming days.

So, that's my gratitude list for this month. What are you grateful for? I wish you a happy June. (my birthday month and so my favorite 😊)

Until next time,

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  1. What a beautiful place you lice in Ramya .Congratulations on starting your home garden.That's something which has changed my life .You will be very good at it I believe. Taking children to the library is a brilliant idea .I will have to try this one.

  2. So many things to be grateful for. It's getting cold here as winter is setting in. The sand dunes look amazing. Glad you were able to make a family trip. Wish you an exciting June.

  3. Great to read about your gratitude list..Library visits and book readings are indeed priviledges

  4. Wow! Looks like a great month. It's been ages I have visited a library. I would love to go. Tell me more about the vacation and the sand dunes. That sounds like fun!

  5. You always have library visits in your gratitude list. Really I love this attitude. Keep it up, Ramya.


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