03 October, 2017

Her : A Novel (Episode 1/3) by Shelby Lamb - [Book Review]

Book Details: 

Book Title: Her : A Novel (Episode 1/3)
Author: Shelby Lamb
Genre: Fiction, contemporary
Publisher: Kindle edition
Length of the book: 50 pages
Source: A free e-review copy from the author


Tinsley had always been a free spirit, until one side of her face and body got badly disfigured in an accident that killed her best friend. She’s always blamed herself for Becky’s death, as she had been the one behind the wheel. Now twenty-five, she’s down and out, most of her past friends are married or engaged, and she hardly leaves the house.

Then everything changes when she meets Jax.
Jax is sexy, tall, dark and handsome, and a dream all wrapped in one. He fills her with more hope than she'd ever imagined. But Tinsley is not used to feeling so close to someone and she’s going to need all of Becky’s help to be true to her heart.
 Luckily, Becky is all around. She’s in the trees, the grass, the earth. Becky is the only outside love Tinsley’s ever known, and she’s saying it's time to discover something new.
But can and should Tinsley really let go of her?

My Review:
This is my second book from the author. You can find my review of her book 'Something' here

This novel is the first part of the series. The story is about Tinsley, a young woman whose face is deformed after an accident which killed her friend Becky too. Tinsley is depressed and tired of people looking at her face and insulting her and hurting her in every way. She lost confident on herself slowly and started living in a shell even with her supportive parents. She meets handsome Jax but tries to run away to avoid heartbreak /insult later. But, Can she move away from Jax? Why does she see Becky everywhere even after her death? 

None of the questions are answered in this book. This book mostly helps us to understand Tinsley, her feelings, and her family. So, I felt the story didn't give a satisfactory feeling at the end and seemed like ended abruptly. It is justifiable to some extent as it is the first part of a series. The narration is great letting us know about what goes in Tinsley's mind in her perspective. I am not sure if the title is apt unless I complete reading the series. The book cover is very good and eye-catching.The story is contemporary and believable.

Overall, I liked the narration and layers of characters. I recommend this to readers who love contemporary fiction with good characterization.

PS: I have received this book from the author and this is my honest opinion on the book.

My Rating: 4/5

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About the Author:
 Shelby Lamb is an author who loves exploring the weird and unsettling. She writes fiction from her own personal life experiences and from the depths of her imagination and the inspiration around her.

Sometimes music is her biggest writing inspiration, other times movies, art, and even fashion. Her favorite book is currently The Girl with No Shadow by Joanne Harris, who is one of her favorite authors after Elizabeth Wurtzel.

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