16 October, 2017

Cave of the Winds and Cliff Dwellings - Colorado springs, CO, USA

Cave of the winds mountain park in Colorado Springs is million years old though discovered only in 1881 by Pickett brothers. Later, electricity is provided inside the cave allowing it to public.

Near entrance

Tours are conducted every half an hour for tourists showing the limestone formations and explaining the cave geology. One most popular and basic tour is 'Discovery tour' for 45 mins. This tour charges $21 for adults and $15 for kids between 5 to 13 yrs. It's free for below 5 years. These caves are one of the oldest attractions in Colorado.

Inside the cave



Stalcite formations are almost like a town structure

The cave features 10,750 feet of surveyed passages mostly which are open to the public. There is a local legend that both Apache and ute Native Americans believed that these caves are home to a great spirit of the wind. Thus, it got the name "The cave of winds". The cave has many beautiful and unique limestone and stalactite formations. The caves also have many adventure rides like bat-a-pult, wind walker challenge, and terror dactyl.

Cliff dwellings

One more attraction near to caves is 'Cliff dwellings'. This place has Anasazi ruins dating back to 1000 years old. This 40 room site was originally located near Mesa verde and Dolores which is shifted to Colorado springs and preserved as a museum. This place has a museum showing the pottery, jewellery and artifacts of ute native Americans. It also has a souvenir shop. Entry is $10 for adults and around $7.5 for kids below 11 yrs( kids under 3 - free).
Cliff dwellings 

Tipi tent model 
Do you like caves and visiting ruins of a civilization? Then, you might love these two places.

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Nidhi Garg said...

wow.... superb pace to visit... these pics are so tempting...

Alice Gerard said...

I love caves and I am fascinated by ruins. Those structures look fascinating, and I would love to see them! Thank you for the great photo essay.

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

I remember seeing these (stalactites and stalagmites) in classes and text books. Probably in TV shows. Definitely not like this in blog pics.


shalz75 said...

Oh my god what a marvel of nature. I had no idea about these caves; thanks for the share Ramya!

sulekkha said...

Though I am not too fond of caves and visiting ruins of a civilization, your post makes it sound interesting.The pictures are lovely and the history fantastic.

Obsessivemom said...

I find caves so very mysterious. I visited the Ajanta Caves here in India long back and it was fun. Oh and stalactites and stalagmites are fascinating.

Rashmi's Space said...

Wow Ramya, this is an awesome place! I love the pics showing the inside of the caves, beautiful :)

Rashmi's Space said...

Wow Ramya, this is an awesome place! I love the pics showing the inside of the caves, beautiful :)

Reema D'souza said...

The caves look interesting! Loved the pictures!

Shilpa Gupte said...

These caves remind me of the Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharashtra, where I used to go for picnics during school. There they have created statues in rocks and paintings on walls.
Loved that teepee!

Vinitha said...

Wow, look at those stalactites! I would like to visit this cave someday. Those ruins look beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Mahathi.

Parul said...

Ruins fascinate me a lot and the same is with caves. I’ve been fortunate to see a few in India but you know the interest never dies down.
I’d love to visit Colorado. Thank you for the informative virtual tour.

Nut-a-tut said...

DH is fond of caves- he keeps talking about the ones in the States, so now I feel I've been there too! We went to one in UK on our honeymoon.

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