05 April, 2018

5 Best scenic drives in Colorado #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Before you run out of time.
If I have a lot of money in hand and no responsibilities, I won't waste a single day without traveling. If you have been following my blog for some time, you already know my craze for travel. Nature offers a lot to us and we only should take the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature. Fortunately, we are in the beautiful mountain state of Colorado and we could cover around 80% of tourist places in this state.

Colorado State is the 8th largest state geographically in the United States of America and it has a diverse landscape like desert, rocky mountains and river. There are a number of scenic drives in the state which should not be missed if you visit Colorado.

Here are the 5 best scenic drives :

1. Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain national park
2. Million dollar highway near Durango
3. Independence Pass near Aspen
4. Pikes Peak highway in Colorado Springs
5. Mt Evans scenic byway near Denver

Now, Let's go into the details..

1. Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road in Rocky mountain national park is a 48-mile road connecting Estes Park and Grand Lake. This heavily traveled highway in the park goes up to 12,183 feet elevation giving the visitors thrilling views of snow mountains and valleys around. The speed limit is 20 mph and it is fascinating how we climb 4000 ft elevation within minutes. There are some dangerous curves with no support in the edges making it an adventurous drive. Read my Travelogue here.

Views from Trail Ridge Road

2. Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar highway (also known as US Highway 550) was built in 1880's as part of San Juan Skyway scenic byway between New Mexico and Colorado. A 25 mile stretch from Silverton and Ouray is the most spectacular route.  We didn't visit this route yet and it is on my wishlist for so long. 
There are several hairpin bends and dangerous curves without guardrail on the edges. 

Million Dollar Highway covered with snow
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3. Independence Pass

Independence Pass also known as Hunter pass is the third highest mountain pass in Colorado as per its elevation which is 12,095 ft. It is on the Continental divide midway between Aspen and Twin Lakes. This is part of Colorado Highway 82 and is busy with visitors in Summer and Fall. It is closed in winter. This 32-mile long stretch offers fantastic scenic beauty. We traveled twice on this route to Aspen and we never want to miss a chance to go again. Read my travelogue about Aspen here.

View from Independence pass in Summer
4. Pikes Peak Highway

This 19-mile highway connects Cascade to Pikes peak Summit which is at an elevation of 14,115 ft above sea level. There are approximately 162 turns on the way. The highway is open year round - weather permitting. The highway entrance itself begins at around 7500 ft and the road climbs to 14,115 ft. On the way, you can stop to catch a glimpse of Crystal reservoir and Devil's playground and take snaps of mountains and valleys. The temperatures drastically change as we go up and we are fortunate to watch a sleet(Rain with snow) when we have driven last time. Find my travelogue here

Amazing turns of Pikes peak highway

5. Mt. Evans Scenic Byway

Mt Evans Scenic Byway is just 60 miles from Denver and it starts at Idaho springs visitor center. This is the highest paved highway in North America. This is the one place where you are not concerned about the destination but enjoy your journey. This is on our wish list for so long. It is closed during winter and opens in Spring. This 15 - mile 2 lane road is also known as 'Road into the sky'. This highway gives breathtaking views of the valleys and mountains climbing to 14,000ft above sea level. Echo Lake and Summit lake on the way are worth a visit. 

Mt. Evans
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So, how did you like these places and scenic drives? Do let me know your comments. 

Until next time,

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  1. Wow, what wonderful travel destinations. If I too had unlimited money n less responsibilities... I would ve gone round n round the world. 😊😊

  2. Wow you are so lucky..and these places seem so awesome. will surely try to visit them during this summer.

  3. wow, i'm so booking my tickets today... #superbloggerchallenge2018.

  4. Your pics and description truly made me plan a trip to this amazing location very soon.

  5. This is a beautiful post with a lovely description. Would suggest them to my friend who is a big traveler.

  6. This is a beautiful post with a lovely description. Would suggest them to my friend who is a big traveler.

  7. These pictures look so lovely.... added to bucket list


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